Mike Lindell launches new company selling red pills to wake people up

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has made a lot of money helping people get the best sleep of their lives, but now he’s focused on helping people wake up with his new company MyPill.

“Hello, I’m Mike Lindell, inventor of MyPill and like all of you I had trouble waking up after getting such gosh darn good sleep on my MyPillows. That’s why 2 months ago I invented MyPill to solve all of these waking up problems. I personally guarantee MyPill will be the most eye-opening pill you’ll ever take!” Lindell says in the new infomercial for the product being distributed through lindelltv.com.

Many people have sold red pills over the years but Lindell says that MyPill is unlike anything that anyone has tried.

“We helped millions of Americans get the best sleep of their lives with MyPill and now we want to help even more people to get the best wake of their lives too,” Lindell said.

If you act now, you can get a free video with your purchase of MyPill:


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