Millions mourn loss of celebrity again as news of death circulates social media 2 years later

You only get one life, but sometimes, thanks to social media, you can have several deaths.

That’s what’s happening when people see the tragic story of a minor celebrity dying in his old age. Many will add the caption, “You will be missed” or “RIP old buddy” without reading the article about the person who died 1243 days earlier.

“It’s not that I didn’t know the guy was dead,” Branson Pinchot said after reposting the celebrity death article 2 years too late. “I just wanted to make sure everyone knew he was dead.”

Most people are shaken up each time the minor celebrity dies.

“Every time I hear about it, I get a little teary-eyed,” Michelle Phillips said. “We’re going to miss him . . . this time.”

It’s likely the minor celebrity will make more posthumous news when people forget him and then remember him again in a couple years. We shall see.


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