Millions of humble Democrats beg forgiveness for falsely accusing Trump of Russia collusion

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III delivered a report Friday on his inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election to Attorney General William P. Barr without a single indictment, essentially clearing Trump and his campaign of the collusion charges.

Accordingly, every Democrat who whined incessantly for the last two years and accused the president of treason has humbly and meekly asked for forgiveness from President Trump. Some even went as far as grovelling in T-shirts designed for the occasion stating, “So Sorry Donald”.

“You know what, we were a little excited about what we thought was some shady business, but let’s be honest we were wrong and we’re sorry,” Brett Betamann said sheepishly.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow, who has made it her life goal to see Trump arrested, indicted, or spit on in public, made an emotional plea to all seven of her viewers: “It’s clear that everything I said was just partisan hatred and I am deeply sorry to Mr. Trump and his campaign staff and his supporters. This will never happen again.”

It is reported that Maddow has entered a treatment facility for Trump derangement syndrome (TDS).

Millions of people—mostly Democrats—have ashamedly admitted they were wrong and several have changed their voter registration—sometimes multiple voter registrations in different states—to Republican.

“We promise we won’t make any claims like that again and we’ll instead work to make this a fruitful presidency as long as it lasts because we care about justice and truth,” Juanita Esperanza said.


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