Netflix to donate $100,000,000 to Hollywood’s poorest millionaires

Poor Hollywood. They just can’t catch a break these days. Movie ticket sales were already down this year and with Covid-19, theatres across the country have shuttered their doors.

These poor Hollywood Coastal Elites probably have absolutely no savings, nothing put away for a rainy day, and are just so poor and underprivileged we really need to help them out as a society. I mean if we don’t who will?

Who can blame them for spending millions on fancy cars and Beverly Hill Mansions without saving a dime? How will these poor millionaires pay for their Country Club Dues? Who will feed them when they are down to their last $50,000,000 dollars?

Well, Robin Hood really exists. In Hollywood, he robs from the incredibly rich to give to the super-rich. It’s Robin Hood, fagodsakes. But Robin Hood comes to us under another name: Netflix.

These guys, instead of providing free service to people who really need it while quarantined, are supporting Hollywood instead with $100,000,000. And these poor Hollywood folks? They’re hunkered down like the rest of us only their bank accounts are lookin’ pretty good these days. Ours? Not so much.