Baby Boomer complains about selfish millennials while singlehandedly bankrupting Social Security

Waa waa waa, whines the Baby Boomer as he watches coverage of Spring Break play out in Florida. Certain of his moral superiority, the boomer fondly recalls the good ol days when young people respected their elders. Of course, not his generation, the one that ushered in the sexual revolution, the war on drugs, abortion, and entitlement programs that buffered entitlement programs that were certain to collapse in a generation.

Everything the Boomers have touched, essentially, has turn to shit. And worse, their death grip on our politics ensure that nothing can change. We are stuck in a political feedback loop of hell for the foreseeable future—simply to grease the palms of the progeny of the greatest generation. So while the baby boomer longs for days of old where elders were respected, certain that the gen Xer’s, millennialS, and zoomers at least owe him enough to stay inside for a month and ThInK Of tHe sENiORs!!! he continues to cash his checks from an entitlement program that is projected to be insolvent by the time its the Xer’s turn. Because, he earned it, even if its guaranteed on the backs of his grandchildren’s grandchildren.

I am all for good citizenship, as I am all for thinking of your loved ones and doing the right thing (whatever that may be). But tanking the world economy, because you’re afraid your grandson might not wash his hands seems a little like burning your house down because you saw a poisonous spider. As usual, the Xer’s, millennials, and zoomers are being told to just shut up and swallow what they are fed. That is the great boomer legacy, they are always owed just a little bit more, no matter the financial or human cost. For all the talk of quarantine and citizenship, and being a good neighbor, can we just for once turn the tables? If good citizenship involves thinking of other generations, up to and including abandoning one’s financial security, then could the Baby Boomers think of the rest of us and stop cashing their social security checks?

Somehow, I expect good citizenship runs one way…


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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