OPED: I was raped by whoever Biden chooses to replace Breyer on the Supreme Court

This is incredibly difficult for me to do but I feel that it’s necessary to come forward and expose the type of person that Biden will select for the Supreme Court of the great country.

I was raped by whoever Biden chooses to replace Breyer on the Supreme Court.

It was high school. I had a few drinks. I don’t remember where exactly, but I remember a black woman coming on to me.

I told them I wasn’t interested but whoever it was persisted and when we were alone forced themself or herself on me, pulling off my clothes and penetrating me while I constantly said, “No! No! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to blackmail you later for this.”

This has haunted me my entire life. I almost never went to college and got three PhDs in utterly useless degrees because of this incident.

I haven’t come forward yet because I was ashamed and afraid. This person is clearly very powerful, but now that this person is being considered for the Supreme Court, I think it’s necessary to let people know who they’re dealing with.

They’re dealing with a rapist.

Don’t ask me to come to DC to testify at her Senate hearing. I’m afraid of flying.

Please respect my privacy.


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