OPINION: MAGA kids are #literallyHitler, not Democratic racist who advocates infanticide

Public opinion has shifted. We as a society are letting the MAGA Covington Catholic kids off the hook for torturing that poor Vietnam Veteran out in front of the Lincoln Memorial. No one is calling for death threats anymore, and that is a shame because those kids, especially that smirking front man are LITERALLY HITLER.

Instead, evil conservatives are shifting their hatred toward a friendly man from Virginia. It’s true that he is clearly a racist from his med school yearbook page that has a picture of him in black face or a KKK costume. And it’s true that he is a eugenicist, openly advocating infanticide of babies that have been born.

But, people shouldn’t be confused. The MAGA kids are literally Hitler and Ralph Northam is a good guy—maybe a little misunderstood. After all, those MAGA kids support Mr. Literally Hitler himself, Donald Trump and Northam is a Democrat, so how can he be bad?

You see, smiling is evil if you wear a red hat. You might as well be wearing a swastika.

But, publicly making fun of blacks and killing innocent breathing newborns is okay as long as you’re a Democrat, like me.

See, it’s not that difficult.

Smirking Republicans = Hitler. Racist-eugenicist Democrat = swell guy.

Maybe you idiots will learn before we have another holocaust!


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