OPINION: Stupid Christians think they know their Scripture better than me

As my readers are probably well aware, I am a really smart atheist. That is how I discovered atheism because I was too samrt for anything else. This can be a burden, of course, because these dumb Christians (it’s not there fault they have bad genetics) always try to impose their opinions on the public square– it’s like they have never even hurd of separation of church and state. But that’s a different topic for a different op-ed.

My point today is, these Christians, quite obviously overstepping their bounds as it is, are trying to run a theocracty (as my spirit politician AOC recently pointed out) and they don’t even have they’re scripture on they’re side. The early Hebrews obviously loved them some abortion, but all these dumbvangelicals want to muddy those waters with FALSE interpretations of thy’re scriptures.

And I know, one minute you have to remind them Jesus nver said anything about sodomy or gay love, and then the next they throw out some false understanding of Psalm 139. Well maybe the Hebrew God just likes knitting for it’s ownsake? Did you ever think about that stupid Christian? It’s not because he gives two pennies about what happens to His creation!!! These dumbvangelicals need to go to the website iamsosmrtatheist.wordpress.com to learn all about their dumb beleefs.

And next time they try to impose their backwoods hillbilly belifs, that I no more than them about, on us they should remember that we have a growing coalition of really super smart atheists to take them down.


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