Sanders to send homeless to ‘adult abortion camps’ to save us from all those unwanted people

Bernie Sanders has been on the march, protesting against Georgia’s and Alabama’s Medieval abortion bans. Recently, he just suggested a plan to counter those evil anti-woman strongholds: adult abortion camps.

“Most people understand that forcing women to give birth to unwanted children is just immoral,” Sanders said at an abortion rally in Birmingham, Alabama.

“It’s really the compassionate thing to kill the baby before it becomes a nuisance to society. But since certain states are prohibiting this fundamental constitutional right of abortion, we’re going to offer the health service after the fact through post-natal and adult abortion facilities.”

The adult abortion facilities will consist of camps where impoverished and homeless people will go to be removed from society. There, they will be offered all the opioids they desire before they’re humanely terminated.

Abortion is a constitutional right,” Sanders repeated, “and so is post-natal abortion. We cannot let these tragic cases affect the rights of the rest of us. And it’s really the compassionate thing to do. Everyone deserves the best quality of life. If they don’t have it, then it’s the humane thing to terminate their existence.”

The abortions will be administered just as they are in the womb, through dissection or cutting the spinal cord. All the unwanted clumps of cells will be burned in biohazard waste treatment facilities.

“If you really care about these people, you will support our adult abortion camps!” Sanders said to a loud cheer.


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