Ruth Bader Ginsburg to video conference next Supreme Court sittings from 7th Circle of Hell

Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will video conference into the next few sittings from her new confines in the Seventh Circle of Hell. She was recently relocated after her perpetual life vat failed.

“This is a big step in modernizing the Court,” judicial analyst Tom Spanky said. “In the past justices have only been able to participate while they’re on the bench in person and alive. Now, we can allow justices to sit and take part after they’ve departed this world.”

The technology being used is an amazing teleconference developed by GoToMeeting called GoBackToEarth.

Critics have pointed out that this brings into question a justice’s lifetime term. If they can communicate after death, does this mean that the justices are permanent?

Ginsburg was placed in a home in the Seventh Circle of Hell, primarily for he endless work for the cause of abortion rights.


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