SCOTUS nominee brings a biologist with her every time she goes to the bathroom to tell her which one to use

WASHINGTON, DC—Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to define the word “woman” in her Supreme Court confirmation hearing Tuesday, asserting that she wasn’t “a biologist.”

Jackson later doubled down, claiming that “only biologists are able to determine what a woman is” and that Jackson brings “a biologist with her everywhere I go to tell me what bathroom to use.”

“It’s really simple,” Jackson said. “When I go to the bathroom and I see two signs—one for ‘men’ and one for ‘women’, I simply ask the biologist with me which one I am and the biologist tells me. That’s the only way to know which bathroom to use.”

President* Joe Biden specifically promised to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court during the 2020 campaign, so clearly, Joe Biden is a biologist.

Genesius Times has not been able to confirm the presence of a biologist that accompanies Judge Jackson to the bathroom but this reporter did suggest that Jackson watch Kindergarten Cop because one 5-year-old has it figured out.


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