SCOTUS pick Jackson declines to define ‘woman’ because she ‘never got to see Kindergarten Cop’

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn sparred over questions of sex and gender during the second day of Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearing late Tuesday, with the Supreme Court nominee declining to define the word “woman” because she “never got to see that scene from Kindergarten Cop,” which is the single most informative source of truth on the subject.

President* Joe Biden selected Jackson as his Supreme Court nominee because she was a woman, yet she couldn’t define the term.

The GOP then played the clip in question to instruct the judge on the difficult concept.

“Ah, okay, that makes sense now,” Jackson said after watching the video. “It’s very confusing. Thank you.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee also gave Judge Jackson required reading for homework: Dr. Sucher’s “If You’re Born with a Dick, You’re Not a Chick!


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