Sen. Elizabeth Warren has ‘1/1024th sympathy for those who cheat to get their kids into college’

Recently dozens of celebrities and wealthy parents have been caught bribing admissions professionals at prestigious colleges to get their children into the school. Senator Elizabeth Warren has weighed in on the story in an interview on Morning Joe.

“As a parent, how much sympathy would you have for the parents who are embroiled in this alleged cheating scandal?” host Brzezinski asked.

Senator Warren replied, “I have zero sympathy. Well, correction, I have 1/1024th sympathy for those who cheated to get into school. And that’s not zero. That’s a big amount.”

Warren, who is 1/1024th Native American made the distinction because she in fact cheated to get into college and graduate school and certain professorships, using a phony racial background to receive the post.

“It’s never okay to cheat to get into college,” Warren said. “Unless of course you’re Native American even though you’re not.”


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