Speaker Johnson climbs mountain of Biden corruption evidence to declare ‘There’s not enough evidence to impeach Biden’

In a stunning display of political acrobatics, Speaker of the House, John Johnson, ascended the treacherous peak of evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption to announce, “There’s not enough evidence to impeach! Case closed!”

Wearing a metaphorical sherpa hat and armed with a magnifying glass, Speaker Johnson embarked on this perilous journey, determined to uncover the elusive treasure trove of misdeeds that would justify the long-sought-after impeachment of President Joe Biden. The climb, metaphorically equivalent to scaling Mount Everest, was nothing short of Herculean, but Johnson insisted on braving the summit in the name of political theater.

As Johnson reached the summit, he was greeted by the howling winds of conspiracy theories and the slippery slopes of insinuations. Undeterred, he meticulously sifted through the mountain of evidence, which was about as substantial as a snowflake in a blizzard. Witnesses, documents, and suspicious-looking squirrels were all examined with equal seriousness.

In a press conference held on the precipice of political absurdity, Speaker Johnson proclaimed, “After an exhaustive and totally impartial investigation – which, by the way, totally wasn’t influenced by my political leanings – I can confidently say there’s just not enough evidence to impeach President Biden. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but this haystack is made of feathers and glitter.”

As he descended from the mountain, Johnson dodged questions from the press about the conveniently placed political landmines and pitfalls that seemed to litter the evidence trail. “Look, we’ve turned over every pebble and looked under every rock. And trust me, some of those rocks were very big, almost as big as the ones we’ve conveniently chosen to ignore,” he reassured the public.

Critics argue that Johnson’s acrobatics are nothing more than a grand spectacle aimed at diverting attention from more pressing issues. “It’s like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat while the real problems are multiplying like bunnies backstage,” commented one exasperated onlooker.

In a surprising twist, it appears Speaker Johnson may have discovered a new political strategy – the art of creating mountains out of molehills and then declaring them molehill-free zones. Only time will tell if this trend catches on, or if the public will demand a more substantial approach to addressing the nation’s challenges. One thing is for certain: Speaker Johnson’s mountaineering skills may be unparalleled, but the mountain of evidence he conquered may just turn out to be a molehill in disguise.


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