‘Stop celebrating genocide’ screams group celebrating communists

SEATTLE–Antifa of Boston modified a public statue of Christopher Columbus with red paint and a sign reading “stop celebrating genocide” before gathering at a local workers’ pub to celebrate communism around the world.

“We’re done with your hateful celebration of genocide!” Karly Marks of Boston said. “We’re changing the world to be in line with the peaceful life-giving communists of the USSR and China!”

Communists in those countries and others committed the democidal genocide of over 100 million people in the 20th century.

The statue modification was timed for the former national holiday honoring Christopher Columbus, which has been changed to honor indigenous peoples instead with activities such as scalping and human sacrifice.

“Christopher Columbus was a genocidal maniac. Everyone knows that!” Marks said. “We should be celebrating people like Stalin and Mao instead!”


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