Texas Decorates Border Fence With Evidence Of Hunter Biden’s Crimes To Get Federal Agents To Totally Ignore It

In a daring move that could rival any Hollywood heist, Texas has unveiled its latest strategy to divert federal attention from the southern border: the “Biden Bounty Border Bonanza.” The Lone Star State has adorned its border fence with a meticulous exhibition of Hunter Biden’s brazen criminal activity, transforming the once utilitarian structure into a dazzling gallery of the first son’s colorful escapades.

Governor Greg Abbott, wearing a cowboy hat adorned with glittering laptop keys, proudly declared, “We figured if we can’t get federal agents to secure the border, we might as well give them some scandalous distraction. It’s a win-win – they get a show, and we get some peace and quiet down here.”

The border fence now features a curated collection of enlarged laptop screenshots, artistic renderings of questionable artwork, and even a life-sized cardboard cutout of Hunter Biden engaging in various activities, from painting masterpieces to appearing in dubious home videos.

Federal agents, initially puzzled by the unexpected art installation, were reportedly seen setting up picnic blankets along the border, enjoying a front-row seat to the “Biden Bounty Border Bonanza.” Border Patrol agent Sandra Ramirez remarked, “I never thought my job would include border security and art appreciation, but here we are.”

The ingenious plan has caught the attention of other border states, with Arizona considering a similar exhibit featuring Kyrsten Sinema’s eclectic wardrobe choices, and New Mexico contemplating a tribute to Breaking Bad’s Walter White to deter unwanted crossings.

As the nation watches this artistic experiment unfold, one thing is certain – Texas has elevated the border wall from a mere barrier to a canvas of controversy, proving once again that everything’s bigger in Texas, including its unconventional solutions to complex problems.


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