Trans woman demands everyone accept her exactly as she is every time she changes what she is

Bella Forlorn is transitioning from a male to a female in a bold move to help eradicate all biology from the planet. But this brave move has not come without aggressive antagonism from her friends and family.

“Even though I just recently discovered my true identity, ” Forlorn said, “I expect everyone to acknowledge it and accept me for that identity immediately.”

According to Forlorn, friends and family have rejected the transition, saying, “It’s just a phase,” and “You’ll grow out of it.” But Forlorn is absolutely sure that she knows who she is and demands that everyone else accept that.

“When I came out as a gay man last year, people were generally supportive. Then, I came out as asexual, no one batted an eye. Now that I am transitioning to a female, I have much less support and it drives me mad!”

Forlorn’s father said that it’s impossible to accept something that keeps changing. “I can’t even keep up with the updates on my phone and you expect me to keep up with the updates in my son? What the hell? He changes his mind every couple weeks!”


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