Virginia’s new governor recklessly allows children to breathe freely all day

(CNN) We knew it would be bad, but we didn’t know it would be this bad. Virginia’s new Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has immediately set course to attack the most vulnerable Virginians.

Youngkin has actually allowed children as young as five-years-old to breathe normally all day long.

“This is absolutely insane. How can you let children breathe like normal human beings that need oxygen to live and have working immune systems?” Critic Angela Lansbury of the Fairfax School Board said. “This is just a disgrace. Worse than when he let all those people freeze on I-95 before he was sworn in.”

Youngkin also signed executive orders removing racism from schools and withdrawing from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

“So not only does he want kids to breathe freely all day but he doesn’t want to teach white kids that they’re the devil and the black kids are absolutely hopeless without communism,” Lansbury said. “It’s crazy town.”

Many Virginians planned a virtual candlelight vigil in remembrance of the mask mandates come and gone.


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