With Biden win, Republicans to pretend to be fiscally conservative again

WASHINGTON, DC—Fox News reported earlier that shortly after congratulating “President-Elect” Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed in a statement that with a Democrat in the White House now, Republicans will pretend to be fiscally conservative again.

“Since Obama took office in 2008, we’ve been pushing for a fiscally-responsible economic agenda, trying to derail the Democratic agenda at every turn, showing our constituents how fiscally conservative we are. Then came Trump, and once that happened, we completely abandoned our conservative principles. But now that a Democrat will be in the White House this coming January, we have to continue our façade of being fiscally conservative again so these stupid Republican voters keep us in office,” McConnell said.

The sentiments expressed by the Majority Leader were actually confirmed by a recent study from the Brookings Institute. The study showed that from 2000-2020, Republicans have claimed to adhere to their conservative principles only when a Democrat was in the White House, but completely abandoned them when a Republican was in the White House.

The study further demonstrated the possibility that today’s Republicans may be devoid of any principles altogether, making it difficult to pin down their exact agenda, although this couldn’t be confirmed with exact certainty.


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