6 Reasons Civilians Don’t Need To Own Guns

No country on earth is more addicted to guns than America. Gun culture in America is strong and vibrant – and it’s also a bit nutty. Who needs to own all of these firearms anyway? Nobody. Here are the top reasons:

  • They put the government in check. The government won’t be so quick to trample on the rights of an armed populace, and we just can’t have that – it’s reckless and irresponsible.
  • They’re meant to kill. That’s not what a gun is meant for.
  • They’re scary-looking. They have all of these scary features and compartments that frighten people, especially Democrats.
  • The Founding Fathers only had in mind nerf guns when they wrote the Second Amendment. True story.
  • If someone breaks into your house and is about to kill you, you’re better off calling one of those social workers. Violence isn’t the answer.
  • Only the government can be trusted with firearms. Because no government in the history of mankind has ever disarmed its populace and then proceed to murder a large chunk of its own citizens.

If you still support individual ownership of firearms even after reading this, you have blood on your hands.


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