Serving the papers to God proved to be the most daunting part of the lawsuit brought forth by the ACLU on grounds of discrimination.

“There are at least 57 genders, and more are being discovered by the day. Why would God not account for them and knowingly delete so many voices from the public square?” This was the official statement from the lead attorney in the lawsuit, Pan Chrysippus.

We have reached out to God for a statement on the matter, but He has yet to return our phone calls. Attorney Chrysippus thinks this is a slam dunk case though; he feels confident he can prove such discriminatory actions have been happening for at least six thousand years.

In fact, he claims his silver bullet is evidence that God deliberately thwarted two separate trans movements by razing an entire city with fire and then flooding the planet.

Once the ACLU wins this lawsuit, they plan on suing Him again for forcing animals to live under such oppressive binaries. Pan Chrysippus thinks that too will be a slam dunk.


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