Human Rights Campaign unanimously votes to add ‘C’ for clown to LGBT

A momentous occasion. The Human Rights Campaign of America has unanimously voted to add the letter ‘C’ to the ever expanding, and much progressive, acronym LGBT.

What does the ‘C’ stand for? It stands for clown. After the much maligned Jester’s union, Clowns for America, observed the gay community’s wholesale embrace of the transgender agenda they felt their moment should be next. And after a few phone calls to some sympathetic rich people, with no better cause to support, it appears their time has come.

Clowns–especially green clowns–are a natural fit in the collection of marginalized peoples, not only for their rainbow afros but also because of their undeniable creepiness. Hateful Facebook has even blocked the word ‘honk’ from their platform to further push the comics into the shadows of society.

The first social faux pas the clown union intends to normalize is the “honk honk” noise their clown noses make. Many personalities from the much maligned jester’s community are increasingly apprehensive to go out in public for fear that they will be laughed at when their nose unexpectedly goes off. What a vicious world we live in.

Their rallying cry will be, “God made me this way and who are you to judge?” What a time to be alive.


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