ACTUALLY: Cannibalism is the most eco-friendly diet and will save the planet

As a triple doctorate in Gender-Queer Wildebeest Grooming, Post-Colonial AI Prompt Engineering, and Post-Feminist Interpretive Dance Theory, I’m clearly the foremost expert on the question: how can we create a more sustainable and eco-friendly diet for our planet? It is with great excitement that I propose cannibalism as the answer to all our problems.

Firstly, let’s consider the gender-queer aspect of wildebeest grooming. By consuming our own species, we can challenge the binary norms of traditional diets and embrace a more diverse and inclusive approach to dining. As we break bread (or human flesh, if you will) together, we can create a society that values the unique contributions of every individual, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Now, let’s turn our attention to post-colonial AI prompt engineering. In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, it’s time to embrace a more sustainable approach to feeding ourselves. By consuming our fellow humans, we can eliminate the need for industrial livestock farming and reduce our reliance on artificial intelligence to produce our food. This shift towards a more organic and human-powered diet will not only benefit the environment but also promote a deeper connection between individuals and their communities.

Finally, let’s explore the post-feminist interpretive dance theory implications of cannibalism. As we consume our own kind, we can celebrate the beauty and grace of the human form through interpretive dance. By embracing our inner cannibal, we can create a more harmonious and expressive society that values creativity and self-expression above all else.

In conclusion, cannibalism is not only the eco-friendly diet of the future but also the ultimate expression of post-feminist interpretive dance theory. By consuming our own species, we can challenge traditional norms, embrace a more sustainable approach to dining, and create a more harmonious and expressive society. So, let’s break down the barriers of taboo and dance our way towards a brighter, more delicious future.


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