Anti-Defamation League labels ‘2+2=4’ a hate symbol

LOS ANGELES (CNN)—The math equation “2+2=4” is now a hate symbol, according to a new report by the Anti-Defamation League.

The ADL added that equation along with most other mathematics today to its long-standing database of slogans and symbols used by extremists.

The basic addition equation is one of the staples of math. But the ADL says while not everyone means it to be hateful, the equation has been co-opted by the alt-right.

“Two-plus-two-equals-four” and began as an innocuous statement of mathematical fact, and that’s when it began to be associated with white supremacy, according to the ADL.

“If someone says that two plus two equals four and it cannot equal five, that is deeply transphobic and opens up many trans numbers to violence,” ADL Director of New Hate Symbols Hugh Janus said.

“We want to basically get rid of everything associated with this concept of truth,” Janus added.

The ADL said it will likely be labeling all science as hate symbols shortly as well.


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