AOC: ‘I don’t need farmers. I get all my food from the grocery store’

Everyone’s making a big deal about Dutch farmers uniting and the possibility that they may “stop working” because of the government mandates.

But I’m not worried.

Why should I be? Farmers don’t do anything for me. They play around in dirt and drive big tractors all day, getting in my way when I’m trying to escape Washington for a Florida vacation.

No, farmers don’t do anything for me. I don’t get anything from Amazon and I get all my food from grocery stores, not farmers. This is a very important point.

Farmers just drive around all day polluting the atmosphere and making horrible noises. They don’t do ANYTHING!

So, no I’m not afraid if they stop “working”.

It would make my life so much easier!

Originally published July 11, 2022.


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