AOC: If gun control doesn’t work, then why aren’t there any shootings in gun-free zones?


This is so infuriating.

Shame on the NRA. Shame on the GOP. Shame on Texas!

After another school shooting—this time in Uvalde, Texas where 15 people were killed, we have to ask some serious questions.

Like if gun control doesn’t work, why aren’t there any shootings in gun-free zones?

This needs to be asked. And I’m the brilliant person to ask it.

Why didn’t they make that school a gun free zone? And if it was then why didn’t the sign work? Could the shooter not read? We clearly need to ban guns and spend twice on signs to show that guns aren’t allowed on school property.

This will never end until we have gun control!


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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