Awkward! Leaked memo clarifies Mark Zuckerberg’s deep-seated affinity for fascism

In a leaked memo, from Facebook’s headquarters in Silicone Valley, some extremely statements were made by its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“People are always down on totalitarian regimes, and while some of their tactics are a little tough my tastes, I have to admit I have sympathies in their take no prisoner approach. In fact, if I had the authority that even Mussolini wielded— let alone Hitler— we’d already be living in a utopia of my design.”

“I’ve taken many hints from the Nazis in particular regarding censorship of opposing ideas. They were really ahead of their time.”

Later in his rant, Zuckerberg admitted his political prisoners would be more manageable if he could just “firing squad them like the good fascists like to do.” These are some pretty extreme times, and extreme times call for extreme leaders, and it sounds like the Facebook founder and CEO is up for the job.


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