OPINION: If you are anti-abortion then you are probably a white supremacist

This may come as a surprise, but there is a long dark relationship between white colonialism and anti-choice legislation. In fact, one of the first acts the Spanish Conquistadors abolished upon settling in Mexico was human sacrifice. Can you imagine the gall of those Spanish-speaking WHITE MEN??? The Aztecs were minding their own business, and exercising their right to choose in sating their sun god’s appetite with people who would have just lived in poverty anyway. In other words they were being merciful by cutting those poor impoverished people’s hearts out.

Then those white colonialist settlers with Hispanic names just took their right to choose away and then had the gall to educate them. The same is true for those WHITE MEN who wrote the Constitution. They dared to add a right to life in the bill of rights??? I mean what kind of patriarchal white supremacist kind of right is that??? I bet writing the constitution set the world backwards by at least a million years! It took almost two hundred years more for those nice benevolent–though hetero-normative–progressive feminists to finally break the shackles of those backwoods laws that prevented the CHOICE of filicide.

Now, thanks to the gains of suburban white women and powerful progressive men on the courts, Planned Parenthood is able to focus almost exclusively on providing poor and minority women the right to destroy their offspring in its never-ending war against WHITE MEN! And because of that, children who could be born into poverty are never forced to live that way, which in turn shatters the ties that bind men and women in those communities together, and thus it allows those poor men and women to live and die alone as they prefer. This is what progress looks like ladies and gentlemen.

So the next time someone tells you they think abortion is a scourge remind them that they are probably a white supremacist.


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