Biden blames fall on wind from Putin blowing him a kiss from Russia

Putin blows Biden kiss

WASHINGTON, DC—President Joe Biden blamed his fall while climbing Air Force One’s stairs on Russian President Vladimir Putin blowing him a kiss from Russia.

“It’s pretty windy out there. It’s very windy. And it’s mostly caused by Vladimir Putin who blew Biden a kiss from Russia,” White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard the presidential plane. “Evidently Putin has very strong lungs.”

Jean-Pierre added that the president is doing “just great” after tripping while going up the plane’s stairs. “All I know is, all I can tell you is, he’s doing fine. he’s not going to let this act of passive aggression by Putin slow him down at all,” she said.

While climbing the stairs to board the aircraft, Biden drew attention after stumbling several times. After he made it to the top, the president delivered a crisp salute at the door before losing control of his bowels and defecating all over the tarmac.

According to the National Weather Service, Joint Base Andrews is experiencing winds of more than 20 miles per hour, with gusts up to 25 mph caused by Putin’s kiss, but that did not prevent the president’s plane from taking off.

Putin said that he did not intend to knock over the president with his kiss and he didn’t think that was even possible.

“He must be weaker than I thought,” Putin said.


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