White House staff confused about who’s still peeing on the floors after Biden’s dogs were removed

WASHINGTON, DC—White House cleaning staff are flummoxed about who is still peeing all over the floors of the Oval Office after President Joe Biden’s dogs were removed for the bad behavior.

“This is a big mystery. We’re sure we got rid of all the animals who would do such a thing. But without fail every day a new pee stain shows up somewhere in the West Wing,” White House Rug Sergeant Phil Mackleface said.

Biden’s dogs Major and Corruption were removed from the White House after bad behavior. Major had a minor biting incident and Corruption ate all of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s notes, leaving her helpless at yet another press conference.

“What animal could be getting in the White House and desecrating this sacred place? This is really starting to bug me,” Mackleface added.

Psaki will circle back on this story if there are any developments.


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