Biden gets revenge on Trump by raising cost of insulin for millions of Americans

WASHINGTON, DC—President-No longer elect Biden and his administration is finally getting back at the evil dictator Trump by raising the cost of insulin for millions of Americans.

Biden and team have issued a new social media challenge and thousands of Americans are already poised to participate in the new activity, (currently trending on Twitter as #Insulinchallenge). If you think you’re up to the challenge, give it up and try and do this: pay an increased amount for the life saving medicine that is insulin.

The social media challenge was inspired by Biden’s promise to reverse all of Trump’s executive orders. One of these executive orders was a regulation to lower the cost of insulin.

We approached the president for comment.

“Yes, I put forth a challenge to raise the cost of insulin. I am confident that Americans can meet this challenge.” The president then smiled broadly while staring at our reporters and breathing heavily.

Just then Vice-President-No longer elect Harris entered the room. We asked her what she thought of the Biden economic challenge. For some reason, the vice-president found this question laughable.

“Americans will rise up and pay the money!” said Kamala Harris. “C’mon everybody!” The Vice president then raised her fist in the air and gave a cheer then went on to laugh some more.

Our questioning was interrupted as one of Biden’s staff members entered the room and placed some documents in front of the president. Biden signed the documents without reading them, then talked to us.

“That’ll teach Trump! Trump wanted the opposite of this, and Trump was bad. C’mon man! Are we not united on this?” Biden said. “Where am I?”

We asked Biden to respond to claims that an increase of the cost of a life-saving drug was worse than increased taxation and masking this executive order as a social media challenge was condescending. Biden responded as follows.

“A social media challenge for an order? That’s ridiculous, I would never say that!”

For some strange reason we were immediately escorted out of the White House.


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