BREAKING: Chiefs win Super Bowl LV after scoring 6 touchdowns at 4 am when no one was watching

TAMPA BAY—The Kansas City Chiefs, along with the rest of the world, thought they had lost Super Bowl LV when they went to bed Sunday night. But, almost miraculously, we learned that they actually won the big game after they scored several touchdowns in a 4am point drop while no one was watching.

“We did it!” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said in an early morning call to his All-Pro quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Everyone was in disbelief.

“I went to be thinking, we lost,” Mahomes said. “I’m just so happy to learn that I threw for 450 more yards and six touchdowns at 4am when no one was looking. I’ve been really blessed!”

The losing Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in the middle of celebrating their victory when news came that they actually lost.

“I thought we had it, you know?” Quarterback Tom Brady said. “When we walked off the field and the scoreboard read 31-9, I figured it was safe to celebrate.”

Brady didn’t know that rule changes allowed teams to deliver points via unmarked vans to point counting centers up to ten hours after the game to determine the outcome.

“I feel pretty rotten,” Tampa Bay fan Maggie Gains said. “They stole the Super Bowl from us!”

The FBI has found no evidence of anything unusual about the late night touchdowns.


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