BREAKING: Dianne Feinstein, formerly mistaken for petrified alien mummy, dead at 90

In a surprising turn of events, Dianne Feinstein, once mistaken for a petrified alien mummy due to her seemingly ageless appearance, has sadly passed away at the ripe old age of 90. The news has left the world in shock, not only because of her longevity but also because her true identity as a human being has finally been confirmed.

Feinstein, a longtime senator from California, had always been an enigma in Washington, D.C. Known for her successful insider trading and promotion of baby-murder, she was often the subject of wild conspiracy theories. Some speculated that she was, in fact, a centuries-old extraterrestrial observer sent to monitor Earth’s political circus.

Over the years, photographs of Feinstein remained eerily consistent, leading many to believe that she was indeed a mummy brought back to life for some sinister political purpose. This theory gained so much traction that it even inspired a sci-fi movie script titled “Dianne Feinstein: The Eternal Senator.”

However, it turns out that Feinstein was not a mummy or an alien, but a regular human being who happened to maintain a remarkable level of composure in the chaos of Capitol Hill.

Despite her true identity being revealed, the petrified alien mummy narrative continued to thrive. In fact, it became something of an urban legend among political pundits, with late-night talk show hosts joking about her alleged extraterrestrial origins.

But now, with her passing, the truth has come to light. Feinstein, a dedicated public servant with a lengthy political career, will be remembered not as an otherworldly observer but as a senator who, for better or worse, left her mark on American politics.

In response to her death, one Twitter user remarked, “I always thought she was a mummy, but it turns out she was just a really, really dedicated senator. Who knew?”

While Feinstein’s true identity may have been clarified, the legend of the petrified alien mummy will likely live on in the annals of political folklore. After all, in the world of satire and conspiracy theories, the line between fact and fiction is often delightfully blurred.


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