BREAKING: The ‘Free Palpatine’ movement spreads across the US

In a bizarre and slightly humorous twist, a peculiar movement known as the “Free Palpatine” campaign has been gaining ground across the nation. This rather odd movement has its roots in a mix-up of geography and sci-fi knowledge, as supporters passionately call for the release of Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars universe. However, there’s one glaring oversight here: Emperor Palpatine is a fictional character, and his “imprisonment” exists solely within the fictional Star Wars universe.

It all started when some well-meaning but misinformed individuals somehow mixed up their knowledge of world politics with their love for the epic space saga that is Star Wars. As a result, they’ve been ardently advocating for the liberation of a Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine, blissfully unaware that he’s a creation of cinematic fiction.

The movement’s followers are a sight to behold, often dressing up in Sith robes and wielding toy lightsabers (albeit unlit) while marching through the streets with banners proclaiming, “Free the Senate’s Supreme Leader.” A quick reminder, the “Senate” they’re referring to is not the United States Senate but the Galactic Senate in a galaxy far, far away.

Some people have taken Palpatine to be referring to President* Joe Biden, who is also known as Emperor Palbiden.

As this movement continues to grow, it’s evident that many members have genuinely confused the fictional character from Star Wars with the very real and complex issues associated with Palestine. In a world where the line between fact and fiction sometimes blurs, this case of mistaken identity is indeed quite peculiar.

The “Free Palpatine” campaign underscores the critical need for better education in geography and world affairs, or perhaps a Jedi Mind Trick to help individuals differentiate between real-world problems and the fantasy of a galaxy far, far away. While it may provide some entertainment with its cosplay antics and unintentional humor, it also serves as a reminder of the significance of informed activism and the dangers of misinformation in today’s interconnected world.

Originally published October 23, 2023.


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