BREAKING: Nadler rushed to hospital for heart attack; cured by loosening belt buckle


Representative Jerrold Nadler who has been a key player in the impeachment of Donald Trump was rushed to the hospital today with symptoms of a heart attack.

The scare sent many into a frenzy about the possibility of giving up the impeachment push without one of its main backers.

Luckily for Nadler and the impeachment caucus, he wasn’t having a heart attack.”

“He had just strapped his belt buckle on too tight across his flabby man boobs,” Cardiologist Obi Wan said of the incident. “I loosened the belt buckle and showed him how to wear pants without unnecessary pain.”

Nadler was back in action shortly afterward serving his number one priority of taking down a duly elected president.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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