Trump creates single-payer Dept. of Movies with a max actor salary of $50,000 a year

In response to consistent pleas for socialist policies from Hollywood actors, President Trump has created a Soviet-style single-payer Department of Movies in which all actors working in the US will receive the same pay as postal workers.

Avengers actor and multi-millionaire Mark Ruffalo recently began speaking out about the horrors of capitalism from atop his ivory tower and urged people to vote for Bernie Sanders so that he could implement his version of socialism in the US.

“It’s time for an economic revolution,” Ruffalo wrote. “Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.”

President Trump preempted Sanders’s socialist movement by creating the socialist Department of Movies. All film ticket sales will henceforth go directly to the DOM and actors will draw an annual salary of $50,000 from the department—equal to the average government employee.

“This should help Mark feel better about this horrible capitalist system he’s in,” Trump tweeted.