BREAKING: Virginia’s new governor supports full facial nudity at schools

RICHMOND, VA—Virginia’s new Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, supports full facial nudity at schools from Kindergarten up to high school, according to several executive orders he has signed.

“This is absolutely insane. What kind of sick pervert would support children’s faces to be exposed like that?” Critic Barbara Boxer of the Fairfax School Board said. “This is just a disgrace. Worse than when he let all those people freeze on I-95 before he was sworn in.”

Youngkin also signed executive orders in support of full facial nudity in government buildings.

“People walking around with naked faces. What is this Medieval times?” Boxer said.

Democrats around the state have mobilized to fight the obscene legislation.

“You can’t call yourself a conservative if you want kids to go around showing off their noses and mouths to other kids as if it were normal or something,” Boxer said.


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