BREAKING: White House testing Apple’s new iLeash to keep track of Biden

WASHINGTON, DC—In a groundbreaking move aimed at improving the efficiency of President* Biden’s daily operations, the White House has announced plans to test Apple’s latest innovation: the iLeash. This cutting-edge technology promises to keep a tight grip on the president*, both figuratively and, well, quite literally.

The iLeash, unveiled by Apple with great fanfare, is a state-of-the-art device that attaches securely to its user. It’s designed to monitor movement, location, and even vitals in real-time. For President Biden, who has been known to wander off script from time to time, this innovation couldn’t come soon enough.

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre enthusiastically introduced the iLeash during a recent press briefing. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled to embrace this transformative technology,” she declared. “With the iLeash, we can ensure the President’s wanderlust doesn’t lead to any more unexpected encounters with the White House Rose Garden.”

The iLeash, which comes in a sleek, minimalist design and a variety of stylish colors, promises to revolutionize presidential security. “It’s like a Fitbit, but for presidents,” quipped one tech-savvy political commentator. “Now we’ll know exactly how many steps the President takes during his morning jog through the Oval Office.”

Of course, this decision hasn’t been without its critics. Some have raised concerns about privacy and whether the iLeash might be used to curb the President’s freedom. In response, Psaki assured the public that it’s all in the name of safety and efficiency.

“We’re not limiting the President’s freedom,” she explained. “We’re just making sure that, should he decide to take an impromptu trip down the National Mall to visit the Lincoln Memorial at 3 a.m., we can find him and get him back to bed safely.”

Apple, for its part, is delighted by the White House’s interest in the iLeash. CEO Tim Cook tweeted, “Excited to see the iLeash enhancing the highest office in the land. Rest assured, it’s ‘pawsitively’ a game-changer.”

Only time will tell if the iLeash will become a staple of presidential technology or if it’s just another innovation that will leave us saying, “There’s an app for that.”


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