Buttigieg: ‘Americans must enlist in endless wars to protect illegal trans immigrants’

The wokening of the warfare state has officially begun. Pete Buttigieg has lobbed the first inclusive hand grenade.

After seeing he was getting behind in the polls, America’s favorite gay small town mayor in chief decided to rattle his competitors cages. Buttigieg thinks every young man out of high school should be conscripted into armed service.

“As we continue to welcome more illegals someone will have to protect them. Where else can they get sex change surgery or abortions without fear of other backwoods countries judging their lifestyle decisions? For that matter how else can we pay for all of these government programs for people who illegally entered the country without strong American men risking their lives in other countries so the government can control the oil supply and other lucrative contracts for our beloved illegals to have a full range of lifestyle choices?”

Buttigieg is right. Illegals need a full range of government help, and someone needs to enforce those rights. What better way to ensure third world immigrants get all the abortions and sex changes they want than by conscripting American men to bomb other third world immigrants who couldn’t get over here fast enough?



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