Yang reveals plan to pay everyone $1k a month of free money: tax everyone $2k a month

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has been making headlines with his proposal of a $1,000 per month universal basic income but he has stumbled when asked how he would pay for it.

Yang finally revealed the plan to pay for it today and it involves an intricate financial system resulting in a $2,000 per month tax for every American.

“So, basically we’ll have $1,000 for every American every month and then we’ll have some left over to pay for the inevitable bureaucracy that comes with every government program.”

Some are saying it’s mathematical genius.

“I’m definitely willing to pay a little bit more to get $1,000 a month free from the government!” Jimmy Schmuckerston said. “It’s like a great big tax refund every single month!”

Skeptics are saying it’s just another three card Monte pyramid scheme that the government will play.