Chik-fil-A stops serving ‘racist’ white meat

ATLANTA—Chik-fil-A will stop serving what CEO Dan Cathy calls “racist white meat” and serve only dark meat.

“I think we have to recognize we are in a very special moment right now that the answer is not just for this to go off the radar screen. We need to eliminate racism and the only way to do that is completely moronic symbolic gestures like getting rid of racist white chicken meat,” Cathy said during a conversation about race in America just two days later on Sunday at Passion City Church in Atlanta.

The move comes after Cathy called for whites to repent for their racism on a television program before shining the shoes of a black man who immediately said he’d prefer some Chik-fil-A stock.

Many black Americans were infuriated with the decision.

“How is getting rid of white meat going to help anything?” Demarius Jones of Atlanta said. “It’s stupid.”

After receiving the negative feedback on his decision, Cathy immediately called for all black cows in Chik-fil-A marketing.

“But, I’m repenting! This is how you repent!” Cathy said as he furiously spray painted the Cows in his back yard.


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