Children’s movie company to boycott Georgia for saving the lives of children

Disney’s CEO Robert Iger is mad about Georgia’s new heartbeat bill which outlaws the killing of prenatal humans once a heartbeat is detected. He says that the children’s entertainment company won’t work in Georgia until, “we can kill more children there.”

Disney follows in the footsteps Netflix, which makes movies exclusively to see how depraved people can be. The move by Disney is more of a shock since they are ostensibly a children’s entertainment company.

Georgia boasts a thriving film industry due to generous tax breaks. Dubbed the “Hollywood of the South,” the state has been the film set of popular television shows like The Walking Dead and Stranger Things. Marvel also opened a studio near Atlanta in 2014, where Black PantherAvengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp were all shot.

Now, they risk all of that because they have passed the Medieval legislation that protects innocent human beings from being killed.

Iger says that it’s the right thing to do from an economic standpoint.

“Children are our main customers and we simply want fewer of them in the future because feminism or something,” Iger said.

Disney has recently ruined everything it touches, including Star Wars and the Marvel movies by turning great stories into feminist browbeating.