Chris Cuomo sues CNN for wrongfully terminating him for being a cuomosexual

ATLANTA—Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is suing the media company, saying they wrongfully terminated him for being a “cuomosexual”.

“Did you know it’s illegal to fire someone for sexual preferences and it just so happens that my sexual preferences involve being a strict cuomosexual,” Cuomo said in an interview with Genesius Times TV.

Just last summer, cuomosexuality had reached peak popularity as Chris’s brother Andrew Cuomo went on a murderous rampage trying to “stop the COVID pandemic”. Celebrities and public officials were coming out as cuomosexuals daily. Little did they know that cuomosexual meant supporting sexual harassment.

In a statement, CNN said, “While we appreciate Fredo’s sexual preference, we cannot continue to employ someone who identifies as a cuomosexual.”

Anti-hate groups protested the CNN headquarters all day following the announcement.

“Stop the H8!” read several signs at the protest.

“I’m a proud cuomosexual. You can’t fire someone for that,” Cuomo added.


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