CNN: It’s ILLEGAL to read emails that make Fauci look like an ass

(CNN) Brave anchor Chris Cuomo has made it very clear that it is illegal to read emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request that make Dr. Anthony Fauci look like a complete ass.

Fauci, America’s highest paid government employee, was the subject of an email dump that lent insight into the thought processes of the unscientific, egomaniacal bureaucrat and Fauci has since released a recommendation for face masks to be worn over everyone’s eyes so that they don’t read the emails.

“Many people don’t know this, but it is a felony to read emails released by the government under FOIA. It is our job as the official media to read the emails for you and determine of there’s anything worth reporting on,” Cuomo said to all 309 of his viewers.

We at Genesius Times will obey all dictates that come from Chris Cuomo and so implore our readers to not read the emails found in this document:

Remember people, stay in your lane and let the professionals do their job of determining what you should know.


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