Iran scuttles navy ship Kharg after learning it was gay

The Muslim dictatorship formally known as Persia is still supporting proxy wars around the world, and persecuting Christians, for which they get a pass from media. However, with the rise of the LGBTQXYZ movement, Iran attempted to do a little taqiyya for Pride in Perversion month. The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) decorated the ship Kharg with rainbow flags, a broadcast of Steven Universe, and a drag queen fashion show with multicolored pyrotechnics to appear supporting the made up Pride Month.

When the regime learned that the ship was gay, they decided to blow up the ship and scuttle it.

The warship was built in Britain and launched in 1977. It has served the Iranian navy in 1984 after lengthy negotiations following Democrat Jimmy Carter’s losing Persia to the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Sadly, for the woke crowd, The Kharg caught fire and then sank in The Gulf of Oman. It’s possible that too much hairspray from a drag queen makeup seminar may have led to the fire.

The Kharg had a carnival cruise style voyage that included a trip to Lesbos Island, a stop by the drug scene known as Amsterdam, and a boat parade in New York Harbor cosponsored by the Mayor Bill Deblasio that supports replacing the 9/11 site with a mosque. There was also a planned visit to Arkansas where it would provide offshore/out of state transgender mutilation/drug use on children, a practice that has been banned despite efforts by globalist woke governor Asa Hutchinson.

Iranian military operations have been harmed after President Donald Trump killed Proxy War expert Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Trump has also supported the nation of Israel, which has been suspected of sabotaging efforts by Iran to spread more peace throughout the world. The United Nations therefore blames Donald J Trump for the sinking of the Kharg. Wargaming’s World of Warships has rewarded Trump 1,000 India X-Ray Combat Signal Flags for obtaining the honorary achievement of Arsonists. The cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants, which has also joined the pedo grooming of children campaign aka Pride Month, is working an episode where SpongeBob moves in to the now sunken vessel.


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