Cuomo blames Trump for not telling him that nursing homes were filled with old people

Just look at the picture below. We see here Governor Jesus….uh Andrew Cuomo being celebrated for his amazing record of keeping Nursing Homes ‘Safe and Sound’. The best part of his so called “Hotel California” program is that all the newest residents replaced all the older harder-to-care-for residents. This is why everyone is cheering. Stroke victims? Yuck. Too long term. Cancer? Too depressing. New COVID-19 residents? Kills everyone and themselves in a week or two. Now that’s progress for a real Progressive.

Staffers just can’t wait for the next batch of new residents who can and will kill off the older ones making room for even more newbies. This turnover rate has the whole system humming. Therapists? Recreation? Counseling? Story Telling? Who needs it! Everyone will be dead in a week or two. Talk about the money saved. Just look at the love these administrators are giving to the Guv. And food? Why bother? They’re too sick to eat anyway with C-19.

I mean how is the governor to know what goes on in a so-called ‘Nursing Home’? Any true genius-like politician would assume the place is filled with nursing mothers, right? Let’s get real people.

The Governor explained he originally figured a Nursing Home was the place that all the nurses went in between shifts. He also figured it was where all the Nursing students lived. And these students are young so why not fill ’em up with C-19?

As he said, “I never understood why these places weren’t more aptly named. How about Elephant Graveyards, Old Age Villas of Death, God’s Waiting Rooms, Banana Peel Sanctuaries, Hasta La Vista Villages? Come on folks, Nursing Homes? Let’s be smart about this people and name these places appropriately. Personally I think they should all be called Hotel California. With me as Governor, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. I guarantee it.”


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