Devastating: In Supreme Court opinion, Justice Thomas reminds liberals they are the baddies

It has been a rough month for the left. After more states have passed restrictive abortion laws, liberals thought they would have their day in court. Appealing the eugenics laws recently passed by the state of Indiana, Planned Parenthood thought they had a slam dunk case in front of the Supreme Court. Instead they ran into a buzz saw when their appeal was slapped down, and they were promptly reminded that, yes in fact they are the baddies.

In his concurring SCOTUS opinion, Clarence Thomas recalled the dark history of the eugenics movement that reached its apex with the Nazi’s and the incestuous relationship it has with the abortion industrial complex.

Planned Parenthood’s mission to indiscriminately kill the weakest among us, in this case, was aborted prematurely.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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