Disney hopes to turn 1 million people gay with Frozen 2

Disney CEO Robert Iger said that they are hoping to turn one million people gay through their new feature Frozen 2.

“It used to be enough to just make alternative lifestyles acceptable, now we absolutely need to convert people into these alternative lifestyles. That is the point of Disney any more,” Iger said in a press conference.

The desire to make Elsa a lesbian started as Let It Go, the theme song from the first Frozen movie, became a powerful LGBT+ anthem.

“Not only are we going to satisfy the LGBTQRSTUV+ community with this movie but we’re going to expand it!”

Some have questioned why such a low number as 1 million?

“We thought that we’d set our sights low this time as this is a first for Disney Social Engineering. But we already have some good feedback from parents using the original Frozen movie to turn their children transgender, so we’re hopeful this could be a much bigger operation.”


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