REPORT: There are now more black white supremacists than white white supremacists

A report from the prestigious Social Justice Institute of America shows that there are officially more black white supremacists in the country than white white supremacists.

“When Candace Owens started advocating for Trump, that was really the tipping point in America,” SJIA President Veronika Chitfrbrains said in an interview.

More and more Americans are ditching the Democratic Party and becoming independents or, worse yet, Republicans. As a result, they are automatically considered white supremacists by the Institute.

“This is really scary,” Chitfrbrains added. “Blacks are actively defying the Democratic leadership at a time when black unemployment is at all-time lows. It’s just frightening.”

Black white supremacists were most common in post-Civil War America and during the civil rights marches in the 1960s.

“We could see more black white supremacists in 2020 than there were in the 1860s or 1960s. It isn’t looking good for Democrats.”


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