Super woke Disney’s Toy Story 4: Woody is gay and Bo Peep has abortion

The once great children’s entertainment company Disney has recently taken a dark turn with CEO explicitly advocating for limiting new customers through abortion. Now, they are turning up the propaganda in their films.

Toy Story 4 will focus on two progressive storylines: the lead character Woody will come out as openly homosexual and Bo Peep will have an abortion.

“It’s 2019,” CEO Robert Iger said. “We thought children would be ready for this type of progressive character arcs.”

Pixar, the company that created the Toy Story franchise as its inaugural feature length animation in 1995, had a string of smash hits and critically-acclaimed films until Disney bought them out.

According to a spokesman, Disney then set out to utterly ruin the company and everything that Pixar has established by creating horrid sequels and pathetic politically-driven originals.

“We destroyed the Star Wars franchise,” Iger said, wiping blood from his hands, “and we’re going to destroy Pixar too.”

Critics said that that kind of content wasn’t appropriate for a G-rated audience. Iger scoffed at the claim. “They’re ready when we say they’re ready.”


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